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We focus on companies that take security serious: SaaS scaleups (fintech, e-commerce, health, etc.), mobile developers and software agencies. Outside these we love working with startups and any other company that cares about security.

Gap analysis


What's in the box

We do a short gap analysis of the security of your codebase using our Integrated Review Environment, and discuss with you the security level and urgency of tackling the vulnerabilities. We do that for free, foremost since we believe in showing you our added value first and secondly we believe that you will be convinced of our quality. This gives both you and Codian a great starting point for our subscription service.


3-6% engineering budget/mo

What's in the box

Based on the gap analysis we decide on a monthly effort. That way you get our superpowered ethical hackers onboard. We notice that on average SaaS companies need to spend 3-6% of their engineering budget on security to stay safe. We think along with you to define a fitting budget: if you’re in fintech you probably need a higher budget then if you’re in agritech.

Custom project


What's in the box

Every customer is different, every need has a different answer. If you have a certain wish or the gap analysis shows certain needs, we can define a custom projects to best suite your needs.